Transformation is Product Management

Katie (Kemmerer) Saindon, a product manager at GE Healthcare, talks about how GE Healthcare has been transforming into a product management organization.

As a product manager on the digital experience team at GE Healthcare, Katie Kemmerer has a front-row seat to the transformation of the company into a product management organization.

Katie and her team were charged with uniting hundreds of disparate websites into one unified customer ecosystem. The road to this scale of change in such a large and complex organization has not been without its bumps, but Katie relies on solid product management principles to make continual progress.

Katie (Kemmerer) Saindon, a product manager at GE Healthcare, talks about transforming into a product-centric organization

“We're definitely still going through a transformation of what it means to define a product vision, a roadmap, understand how to prioritize, understanding how to manage multiple stakeholders,” Katie says. “This has been an evolution, thinking about opportunities instead of just features. In the past, we've really been a feature factory, where it's like, OK, we've got all these ideas coming in, and it's really a puzzle of just aligning them somewhere in the roadmap.”

In order to fundamentally change that puzzle, and instead, map opportunities to business outcomes, they’re currently leaning heavily into personas, journey-mapping and customer research, as well as building strategies and foundations for prioritization and stakeholder management. 

Learn how GE Healthcare is evolving, and hear Katie’s advice for building a successful product management organization, on this episode of This Is Product Management.

Here are the highlights: 

  • Embedding Chat into all GE Healthcare digital properties: 7:40
  • Five elements to building a solid foundation: 9:45
  • Aligning stakeholders: 13:05
  • Katie’s advice for fellow product managers: 21:40

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