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This Is Product Management

On this podcast, we feature the brightest minds across the numerous disciplines that fuel modern product teams. This is Product Management is produced by Feedback Loop.

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Influencing Stakeholders (2)

Feedback and Flexibility is Product Management

October 5, 2020

Rob Holland, CEO of Feedback Loop, talks about the role of feedback as a fundamental building block of products and businesses, and as a core..

Projectopia is Product Management

April 1, 2019

Andy Rosic, Innovation Product Manager at Home Depot, shares his approach to managing large-scale projects and provides advice on building..

Working with Engineers is Product Management

January 14, 2019

Marc Abraham, Chief Product Officer at Settled, shares how he collaborates with engineers and designers and his approach to product road mapping.

Making Investment Decisions is Product Management

November 19, 2018

Nick Hill, Product Manager at Humana, discusses how to get executives to invest in iteration, and why product management is similar to investment..

Collaborating with Agencies is Product Management

November 12, 2018

Jon Arnold, Senior Product Manager at Bridgestone, shares how he’s utilizing agencies to transform his company’s digital retail experience.