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Venture Capital is Product Management

Kevin Lee, VC Associate at FundersClub and Founder of Product Manager HQ, discusses how product management varies between companies, the importance of finding the right role, and what technologies and markets he’s excited about right now.


  • The role of a product manager differs across different organizations, how did you find the right fit? (9:30)
  • Since working at a technology driven venture firm, how has it reshaped your perspective on product management? (10:20)
  • How has the maturity of the product management discipline impacted the way you evaluate companies as a venture capitalist? (12:10)
  • What are the personalities and attributes you consider in a founder when making an investment decision? (14:40)
  • What technologies and markets are you excited about right now? (18:30)
  • How did you create the PMHQ community? (23:20)

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